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An emotional connection to marketing

Risk-taking. It’s at the core of how we think. Starting from powerful insights and deep understanding of a brand’s audience, we approach every creative assignment unencumbered by budget and time restrictions to deliver the most innovative BIG ideas. We can do this because our philosophy is to grow ideas over time. We boil them down to their most essential pieces of communication, launch something small, and scale it when we know it works.

We don’t believe in the dog-and-pony-shows that other agencies relish because they waste time and money. Instead, S50 keeps its clients involved while the sausage is being made, so they can collaborate, build, and course-correct as we go. Because of our collaborative approach and hyper-transparency, our creative team becomes an extension of our clients’ in-house teams with the added benefit of an external perspective.

We are a S.W.A.T. team of unicorns with broad expertise in the creative field that we unleash on a variety of different areas, including:


We give brands dimension and shape their purpose and meaning with real-time input through our Agile process. Positioning, brand architecture, brand voice, logo, design, brand identity, visual identity, brand voice, naming and taglines, are among the killer branding elements we deliver as your future branding agency.

BIG Idea and Campaign Development

When it comes to creating award-winning campaigns, we do it all with agility. We do it all including 360 concepting and execution, design, copywriting, TV spots, print & digital paid ads, streaming video and radio content, social content, video production, UX, UI, customer experience, and wireframing.

Concept Ideation

We dive deep into insight supported consumer data to bring to life narrative archetypes, compelling concept statements, unrivaled promotions, bold mission statements, and intelligent branding strategies that all lend themselves to robust and testable work.

Creative Execution

We’re creative agency experts in design, copywriting, production, and UX who strive to put out award-winning, hardworking best-in-class work across the board. Including game design, website design, online media, animation, infographics, eCRM, apps, and more.

Content Creation

We believe all brands need to find common interests with consumers. Our Epic Platform process seeks to find each brand’s narrative architecture and give a brand what we call the “authority to publish.” Through a unique content compass, content pillars, and content strategy fueled by our storytelling, content creation, social media, and keyword-driven content — we deliver the right messaging against the customer journey.

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