Launching a New Gum with Gen-Z Vibes

When Mondelez launched new Trident Vibes Gum, they had Gen-Z in mind. But that meant the typical marketing mix and retail structure just wouldn’t click with the target audience. We came in to launch the campaign and introduce Gen-Z to this brand on Amazon. It was a BOLD move but based on our insights, the right one.

Customer Experience
Finding a Burst of Something New

Through our customer persona and journey work, we uncovered a nugget of something new. Gen-Z uses Amazon to learn about new brands and products. While the rest of us already know what we want when we go to Amazon, Gen-Z likens Amazon to a mall, where they browse, endlessly, for hours. So it just made sense to put the focus of the campaign launch on Amazon, right? Our insights also revealed that they pick gum by how cute the packaging is and if they can visualize the lifestyle around the product. That is a LOT to ask of your gum, but we rose to the challenge.

Content that Pops

We built a strong Amazon Ad buy, an Amazon Brand store and all the gallery content and advanced A+ content to appeal to our Gen-Z audience. We designed lifestyle themes around each ASIN and brought to life each lifestyle and showed them how cute our packs can look accessorized with any outfit they may be in the mood for. We created custom photography and animation to inspire creative flavor combos - a move that boosted the cart by encouraging multiple unit purchases.


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