Branding a Multi-Million Dollar Start-up

Spinning Off from Xerox

The list of strategies and tasks required to break a massive global company in half is pretty extensive. Scrum50 worked with Xerox/Conduent in the 6 months prior to the official split to make it happen.

Branding a New Powerhouse

As Conduent’s strategic design partner, we first set out to help refine the global look-and-feel of the new brand. Those efforts quickly led to establishing best practices and global standards of design for mobile, video and social media. When the dust settled, the brand had materialized almost overnight. With the standards set, we went straight into content development to further bring Conduent and its new positioning to life. Our Agile Content Team furiously worked to craft engaging B2B editorial, video and social content that communicated their 3 most important areas of opportunity: exciting employees, reassuring current customers and inspiring new clients.

Why Agile was Critical

The timeline was like chasing a runaway train – the Stock Exchange bell was going to ring on Jan. 3, with or without a “brand” to launch. We preferred “with.” The Scrum50 SWAT team worked closely with the clients with full-transparency to ensure our visions were in lock-step. Deploying in cycles of 2 week sprints and daily standups were critical to the launches’ success.

Conduent CLIENT
Branding, Content creation, Global brand guidelines for social media, video, the mobile app and presentations

Brand Launch Video

Social Media Design

Brand Design Guidelines

Presentation Templates