CLEAN Brands

A fresh, new look.
A brand-new brand.

A fresh, CLEAN brand

CLEAN classic fragrances are known for their simple nostalgic scents like Air, Rain and Warm Cotton. Their tagline, Our Name is Our Promise, is indicative of the unique territory they exist in the fragrance space. Based on retailer demand, they took the essence of CLEAN and designed a high-end line using only the best reserve, sustainable ingredients; CLEAN Reserve.

The White Space

Scrum50 partnered with the CLEAN team to separate the identities of the Classic brand and Reserve brands, ensuring that they had distinct positionings and look and feel in the marketplace. Through the Epic Platform process, Scrum50 gave both brands a mission and narrative tone. Leveraging this upfront brand work, Scrum50 designed and developed an e-commerce site for both brands and social content to drive sales and engagement.

Agile Top Notes

Through a series of carefully planned sprint cycles, Scrum50 designed, built and optimized a mobile-first ecommerce platform for both CLEAN and CLEAN Reserve that elevated brand appeal, educated consumers on the concept of sustainable beauty and drove sales.

CLEAN - our name is our promise

CLEAN Reserve

CLEAN Reserve
Epic Platform, Narrative, Web Design, Responsive, Social Media


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