Why Content Strategy is Key When It Comes to Corporate Responsibility

Most big companies produce Corporate Social Responsibility Reports or Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSRs) detailing their efforts and future goals in corporate responsibility, to the tune of 85%. But only 17% of their intended audience are actually reading them.

And, that’s precisely what makes CSRs such a huge opportunity.

One study showed that when it’s done right, Corporate Responsibility can increase a company’s revenue by up to 20%. To get there, however, the traditional way CSRs are developed and presented must be turned on its head. Engaging key stakeholders in the Information Age involves making your data clear, concise and…well… engaging. Here’s why:

Stakeholders of all levels have equally short attention spans

There is a widely held notion that stakeholders aren’t like the general population and live for poring over long, complex tomes. Not true! (spoiler alert: they’re just like us). Making dense topics into scannable, digestible content isn’t just an art form. It’s a necessity. Everyone can reap the benefits of a beautifully animated chart, elegant video, or well-designed infographic over reams of text.

2018 Corporate Sustainability Report, NHL Green

Readers want to understand your story

Storytelling is an important pillar of content strategy. Your CSR is a perfect place to lead stakeholders down a semi-linear path of discovery and hang onto them until the end.  Why? So they get a clear picture of the values and aspirations of the company, and can feel good about attaching themselves to it. They need to be invested to invest. And a laundry list of your organization’s achievements just won’t cut it.

2016 Global Citizenship Report, Xerox

Delivering the right content at the right time is critical

Figure out the most universally impactful points and pull them forward, in thoughtful order, as “tapas” to be consumed and shared. Then, if your readers are still hungry, they can get all the details…or move on to the next course.

Here at Scrum50, our team of agile marketers are seasoned at taking complex, technical narratives and distilling it into experiences that readers engage with, learn from, and share. Check out our latest work with the NHL or Xerox for example. Like what you see? Contact us.

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